IFTTT keeps getiingt 403

When I try to access my app using IFTTT + Webhook I always get 403 error. But when I try postman I don’t have this problem.

glitch has banned pingers which may have resulted in ifttt getting banned

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they are banned Temporarily

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An idea for how long IFTTT is banned by glitch?
Getting user complaints over here :smiley:

there isnt an eta

I suppose you could contact support@glitch.com and ask them to whitelist IFTTT.

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I’m facing same issue. was the issue fixed since June ?

I have heard anything from Glitch Staff about this being fixed. You could always send Glitch a message using support@glitch.com, and I will also ping @glitch_support.

Good luck! IFTTT sounds really neat, I would love to mess around with it on Glitch.