Im making a discord bot, and i need help

please Help, how to make my bot never off? i heard that you could do that.

Hey @ElJII,

Check out the install guide for Discord Bots.


Hello! Welcome to the glitch forum!
The link @khalby786 provided, is only going to help you if you are using the glitch starter discord bot tutorial, which I am going to assume you are not.

To solve you issue, please follow these steps:

  • Go to and create and account
  • Sign into the account and head to the dashboard
  • Add a new monitor
  • Make sure you select HTTP(S) as the type!
  • Enter a name, that will help you remember the site it is monitoring
  • For the url, put your glitch projects link!
  • Make sure the monitoring interval is 5 minutes (the lowest it can go)
  • Save the monitor

The monitor config should look like this, Mine is a bit different since I have a custom domain on my glitch project, but it works the same way!

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