I'm unable to open my glitch project still

I’m not able to see my website, and open the project editor.

Contact support@glitch.com.

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Me too, the problem is on Glitch’s end.
https://status.glitch.com/# is not showing anything wrong, I we need to inform them somehow

edit: everything works now, I love you glitch

for me it still doesnt work :confused:

I’m teaching a class and this is also happening to a few of my students. This project won’t load and gets the same error as above. https://glitch.com/edit/#!/djpj

atleast im not alone - i still cant open the project, even the website doesnt work

Your best bet if you are in a pinch is to open in an incognito tab or clear your cache.

Otherwise, you should contact support@glitch.com like @code-alt recommended.

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I have the same issue

How can i clear cache? I cant even open the editor

Note that it varies by browser.

Another quick fix would be to download Visual Studio Code’s Glitch extension and edit your project that way.


Try opening up a console through Control+Shift+J and see what errors are showing up there

this is what appears

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In that case I think it’s mostly a problem a on glitch’s end

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So should i just wait?

This is on someone else’s end. They are sending a 429, and I am pretty sure the client is blocking a request

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It seems like a Glitch issue as the websocket throws a 502.