Image Gen Issue


I am currently developing an Image Gen API which uses Canvas and Express.JS. The project and endpoint loads fine and I seemed to have an issue with trying to query and pass the image link/text to generate the image.

Example Link:
It returns:

app.get('/image/approved', async (req, res) => {
  if (!req.body.url) return status(false, 'No URL Provided', res);
  let check = await isImage(req.body.url);
  if (!check) return status(false, 'Invalid Image Type.', res);
  let result = await ApprovedEndpoint(req.body.url);

  return status(result[0], result[1], res);

Same thing happens to text endpoint. if I change the “url=” to “text=” it will show “No Text Provided”. Perhaps I am using the wrong usage of the API link? Code seems very fine to me.

Project: natebot-apibeta

Thank you

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Hey @NTMNathan,

I couldn’t find the project natebot-apibeta! Perhaps it is set to private?

I’ll send you an invite link to your DM

Just for clarification, I am using the following module versions:

  • “body-parser”: “^1.18.3”,
  • “canvas”: “^2.3.1”
  • “express”: “^4.16.4”
  • “node-superfetch”: “^0.1.9”
  • “request”: “^2.88.0”

Using req.query instead of req.body should fix your issue!

req.body is for POST requests.

Doesn’t really resolve the issue unfortunately. It’ll return this if I change from req.body to req.query


The link you sent works fine. It could be the way your sending back the data. To add: your response returns a Buffer object which you can use Buffer.toString(“whatevercencoding”) to concert the buffer to a string.

Hmm, yes. I can try that. But heres an example of what that link should have returned:

This is another API:
First Example

Second Example

Instead the response on my API just returns a series of numbers…
If you like an invite to the project to investigate, i’ll send you one in private message

I currently have to go somewhere now but when I get back I can take a look!

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I’ve found your issue. You seem to be returning a Buffer object.

However, I have modified the code to return a ReadableStream which can be written to the response which then shows the PNG/image.


Awesome, thank you for resolving the issue.

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