Image in assets shrinking


In a project I made, when I put in a red panda image it shrunk down to 330px while originally 600px.

The project is here: Glitch :・゚✧

As well as this, a post showing the bug in the replies is here: Assessment wanted for - Mozilla Splash Page - Learn - Mozilla Discourse

Thanks, Keyboardguy

Hi there - the image asset link in your code has “thumbnails” in the title but the URLs of the images in Assets do not - did you copy and paste that asset link from another project or a previously removed asset?

Your code:

Assets url I copied:

I think it might be a result of some people having a habit of copying images through Right Click → Copy Image Address, which works great for sites that don’t optimize images but not thumbnails in this case.

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Sorry for the late response - @javaarchive was 100% right. I never knew that websites did this so I’ll keep it in mind from now on.

Thanks, Keyboardguy