Image insertion in VScode glitch project corrupts image

TLDR; dragging & dropping image assets into your glitch project with vscode corrupts the image data, and makes them unusable.

So i have this project running on webpack within glitch, and i’d often edit the project on vscode, because conveniences. And within all this, I was attempting to create an asset folder with all my images that i’d be using through out. However, i noticed that when i dragged an image into the editors tree directory, it would either come up as jarbled binary, or show a white border square. When i tried calling the image from my project, i’d get a warning saying the image is corrupted. Initially i just assumed that something i was doing with webpack was messing up where the image was located, so i slaved away at the issue, assuming this was webpack’s doing.

Now i have tested this on a local project, and dragging & dropping images in the same manner has the expected outcome. So perhaps this is an issue with how the extension handles uploaded file-types?

I also understand that my work around to get those images into my project is to do a bunch of wget’s, only AFTER uploading them to glitch;s asset manager, which… i obviously am avoiding doing.

I know this isn’t a proper bug report, but I’m curious to read if anyone else has had a similar issue, and if they had a clever way of dealing with it.