Image Proxy - Is it against the TOS?


Would an image proxy be allowed? This is a bit of a demo:

The original image is here:

With some smart caching it could be allowed. Like it only checks for the new image every minute and also checks the last modifed time using a HEAD request to check for changes

Thanks for all the responses, I got the green light from @tasha:

You can try it out:

Use the url parameter to show an image, for example:

Obviously, please don’t use this for abuse imagery, it is really to be used to prevent external cookies.

Did @tasha give you permission to publish an open proxy with no restrictions? Which seems to be the same as the other proxy projects based on CORS anywhere, on glitch which have all been suspended.

The wording of the response above seems to be allowing your specific private use. (EDIT - can you disclose the wording of the question she is answering?)

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It is meant for public use because I plan to use it to preview images on a user generated part of my website.

I don’t modify the CORS header in my code, however the file_get_contents function in PHP might do this without my knowing.

The source can be found here:

Intresting, doesn’t discord have an “image proxy” that downloads the image and serves it? I guess either that’s not considered social engineering or GCP has different rules

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