Images aren't loading on some ISPs

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I teach an Interactive class and have the students use Glitch to host their projects.

I have had two students run into an issue where they upload images to the assets folder, link to them in their HTML, but are unable to see them display on their own machines.

What’s strange is that I can see them just fine. They load for me.

Is this an ISP issue? Is there a known work around?



What is your ISP? The only ISPs that I know that sometimes block the CDN are Comcast and some ISPs in Italy.


Yep, sounds like the student experiencing those issues is on Comcast. Is there any workaround?


Ask the student to disable advanced network protection, that should fix the issue.

(also, @jenn @tasha could you consider contacting Comcast and getting the CDN off this blacklist?)

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Why was it to begin with?

It’d be awesome if you guys could get the CDN’s working with Comcast. I’m in Philly and pretty much everyone here has Comcast; they have quite the monopoly on our city.

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comcast blacklist removal request: Postmaster : Blocklist Removal Request

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Hi there - we have reached out to Comcast in the past about this and they use another service’s list for blocking (this is why the form @user1 linked to is ineffective). I will reach out again to see what service they are using and if it’s changed and try to get the domain unblocked!


Will do, thank you!

Do you know if this is the same issue for Cox Cable? I am in Las Vegas and am having the same issue on Cox.