Import error please help

How come i cannot use the tab “Import From Github” it saying it doesn’t work. then when i use the terminal and do git clone. It clones the stupid repo inside a folder. witch obviously doesn’t work.

Hi @ClearlyElevated – can you share the error that you got when you used the “Import from Github” tab?

As regards cloning the repo inside of a folder, would it work if you could move the contents of the repo up to the top level of the /app directory (and out of the folder it’s cloned into?) I think I could help with that if so!

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It would work! It just needs to be out of the /lutu-bot folder. I tried deleting it but it unfortunately deleted the contents

Hey @ClearlyElevated, can you help us out by providing the project you’re seeing this problem in and the repo you’re importing from? We can try to troubleshoot it or identify what the problem is - there are a few issues with course repos that can cause them not to work properly when imported, so checking on this specific example is important.

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Yeah sorry about that. Its right here: Lutu Discord Bot

Hey @ClearlyElevated I see what’s happened here.

What I’d suggest doing in this case is to start a new project from the repo you’re working with using the New Project > Clone From Repo option. My test of this with the repo that’s linked to your current project gets the repo’s files in the proper directory.

You could also move the files to the right location using the project console, but I think starting from a new clone might be more straightforward.

Hope this helps!

What is the “base” directory called? I assume I would just delete the one all of the bots files are inside right now right?

@ClearlyElevated I think the base directory would be /app?

Just to flesh out what @cori was suggesting as a secondary option (using the console): If your goal is to move all the cloned files up one directory (and delete the wrapper directory that was created by cloning it from github) you could do the following (also sorry if this is too much detail/too easy – I tend to just over-explain to make sure I don’t miss anything):
Open the project console (as mentioned above by @cori)

If you type in pwd and hit enter, the console should print out /app, like this:
Now, if your project cloned into this directory, (which I’m assuming it did?) You should be able to see it in here. Type in ls to make sure. It should print out all the contents of the app, and look something like this:
If you see your the name of your github project in here, we’re all set! The next step is potentially destructive, so caution!
Run cp -r <your-github-repo-name-here>/* (without the angle brackets, and replacing “your-github-repo-name-here” with whatever name your repo has.)
Run ls again and you should see all the files from inside of that repo, now inside of the /app directory.
If they are where you want them to be and everything looks right, you can delete the original directory by running rm -rf <your-github-repo-name-here>

Good luck and I hope it’s a help (and haha, sorry if this is overly simplified)!