Import/export from/to custom github branch


There’s already a topic, but it only mentions custom-branch import. Unfortuntalely, both export and import are important for my (sad) case:

I have a repo with 3 branches that have a corresponding glitch app each (seemed like a good idea at the time :blush: ).
Since Glitch always imports from master and exports to glitch, I need to keep rebasing glitch on the branch I export to (i.e. commit) from Glitch. I then need to pull from glitch into that branch and push back to github.

Importing is even worse, since I need to temporarily push -f the branch I need to master, import, and get master back to normal :rolling_eyes:.

Unless I’m missing something, this should be easy to implement, so pretty please :pray:


we definitely have plans to improve the ui from just a js alert box to an actual menu, including the option for custom branch names. Sorry for the delay!