Import fails only for this project

Every time I try to import from GitHub in this project, it says failed and to refresh the editor/try again. I can import the same exact repo in literally any other project except for this one. Capture
This is the error I get in the console

And now when I make a new project, it un-sets it’s privacy to public which is risking my bot info. I set it to private and then it goes back when I refresh the page

Hey @xkyrux, for all your issues, I’ll ping @glitch_support!

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hi @xkyrux - we currently working on issues around github import flakiness as well as that editor’s private lock toggle issue. if you go to your apps project page ([name-of-project]) the lock toggle there does work and so you should use that in the meantime.

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Alright, thank you. Is there any alternative to upload in bulk?

What do you mean by bulk?

I make multiple changes to my bot code all the time and I want to import ALL those changes at once