Import from GitHub feature limitations


I have tried to use the Import from GitHub feature with a few different repos and could not get any of them to work. I think it would be useful if it was clear exactly what does NOT work. For example, the way npm packages are loaded seems to be causing problems.

Also, why are all the files being imported into the backend section?

Example of a project I tried importing from Github: from repo

The GitHub importer is intended to be an easy way to get code into a HyperDev project from GitHub. However, projects might not work ‘out of the box’ as it depends on how things have been saved in GitHub - most things should be able to work, but they might need adapting for use on HyperDev as there are some restrictions - like the filesystem not being writeable except in /temp.

If you’re interested in working with Webpack, here’s an example working project -!/project/hurricane-terrier.

Files in folders ‘views’ and ‘public’ are automatically put into the front-end section in HyperDev, otherwise they default to back-end. You can drag them into the front-end section should you want to.

@Gareth - I started to remix hurricane-terrier, but I get failed to start application on ... most likely because your project has a code error. The logs on my remixed versions don’t give any indication what the error might be. Any ideas?

Hi HerbCaudill,

it looks like one of the dependencies of that project ("p5.gibber.js": "^0.2.3") is too large and does not fit in the project disk. Try removing it from package.json and see if the project keeps running as expected.