Import from GITHUB has missing files in editor list [< 100]

my index.html file is not showing up in the zealous-quapo editor file list.

before, server.js not showing up…
somehow that come back

index.html in views

no come back.

make them all stay!! took 3 hours realizing it was actually there just not listed. thought git broken

thank you!


I fixed it. It thought your index.html file was binary for some reason. I ran dos2unix on it and that fixed the problem.

OK, so did another iteration of git. index file not in list again. tried the dos2unix … still not there.

something I am missing?

i deleted the last line of the index file which seemed to be the trouble one .works now


I’m glad you found the issue. For future reference, changes made from the console don’t take effect in the editor unless you run the refresh command from the console.