Import from other Repo?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but so far, we only have import and export from Github. To other service, instance Gitlab, export is the only option. If it’s possible, I would like to widely import repo. I mean, as long as the repo is public, we can just clone it back and overwrite the current one on glitch. Is that right?

I would like that feature too :smiley:

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You should be able to import all Git repositories with

git clone <repo-url>

. (I have never tested this with non-GitHub repositories, however.)
I am also moving it to #glitch-help because this is already possible; please feel free to move this back to #feature-ideas if this does not work.

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I was think an option that is more user-friendly. Because if we use terminal and forget to run refresh command. It would be a huge problem. Also about the cache, some time I got a feeling like it Glitch still try to access to deleted files (ex: and old package.json in an child dir). rm -rf * .* doesn’t always work :smiley:

Why? Can’t you just execute that command anytime later?

Easier said than done. The point is glitch terminal works a bit differently comparing to the normal terminal. Do we type down refresh every time we change some thing in terminal in order to make it appear on code editors. I don’t think we did. But Glitch, for some reasons, doesn’t work like that. And the amount of time using Glitch with using my PC is a lot different. As a result, I constantly made mistakes even though I’m aware the problem and there is also a notice. Something like this is likely to become an instinct of mine I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

$ git clone
Cloning into 'expo-i18next'...

fatal: unable to access '': Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out

I’m gonna switch to #feature-ideas again.

Gitlab is blocked right now by Glitch. Sorry about that!

The current workaround is to clone the gitlab repo to github and then clone the github repo to glitch.

How about import directly from local? Maybe, we can zip it and upload to Gitch? Anyway, I think it’s better to more than just one importing option.