Import/github URL not working -- sets up default express demo instead


When clicking the “Remix on Glitch” button on this repo, the resulting Glitch is the default boilerplate express demo almost every time. It does rarely work and do the expected thing however, maybe once every ten tries.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

It’s working for me… mind sharing reproduction steps?

That is interesting – I’m just clicking that “Remix on Glitch” button and getting the default express app almost every time. There’s no other steps.

It’s opening hello-express but a few seconds later, it loads what it’s supposed to.

For me, it remains on hello-express indefinitely, and does not switch over to being the expected nodecg/demo project even after several minutes.

Aha, I finally got one where it’s stuck on hello-express. It’s something a staff member will have to look into, but that is very strange.

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I’ll ping @glitch_support to get staff attention!

Hi @Lange,

I’m sorry that the Remix button on that repo is not reliable for you! We have received previous reports of some Remix buttons not working correctly and we have this issue in our developer queue to investigate.

However, it’s been super hard to track down the root of the problem because it’s not widespread and - as you can see. - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

We know that is not a great experience, so if you have seen this issue please let me know the following so we can add the info to our notes:

  1. What browsers and browser version this happens in
  2. What operating system this happens in
  3. What happens if you disable any security measures you may be taking (firewalls, protected browsing extensions)

Hi @tasha, thanks for the reply.

I have tested on Chrome and Firefox on my Windows 10 x64 Pro desktop computer. The issue is replicated on both. My Firefox install has no extensions installed.

When this issue occurs, I don’t see any unexpected errors in the browser JS console, nor the Glitch app console.

This may be related to this issue: Cannot "git pull" anymore: "connection timeout"