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Hello everyone, can I upload a ready-made project from webflow to glitch and make 11ty out of it and then upload it again and put it on the headers cms?

Welcome to the forum! I’ve never used Webflow, but from my understanding it’s a no-code platform. Glitch is very much a coding platform. You can’t just upload templates, but you CAN import repositories from Github, etc.

Not sure what you mean by “the headers cms”…do you mean “headless cms” ?

Using Eleventy requires writing out some code but you can try one of Glitch’s starters and see how that goes. I suggest the hello-eleventy-starter instead of the ‘blank’ one (it comes with some instructions) and checking out the eleventy docs here -

By the way, if you are thinking of moving away from Webflow, I do freelance development, so feel free to contact me through the website on my Glitch profile: (Glitch) and we can speak further about it.

In webflow, you create a project with all the logic and high-quality animation and then you can upload it to pure html,css,js and safely send it to github there are even services that do this automatically ) the question is when I will upload html, css.js in glitch, how does he use it and how can he help me when creating a jamstack site from html and already generated css and js?

Good question. JAMstack sites are different than just pure HTML/CSS sites; they utilize backend technologies to create a server so you can run a blog or CMS. Eleventy uses NodeJS which is basically the back end version of Javascript. HTML/CSS/JS is for the front end only (the visual part you can see) on a website. So you can make a form, for example, but without a server connected, the information will not go anywhere and the form will not actually work.

If you can extract your HTML/CSS/JS code from Webflow and get it on Github you can import it to Glitch. You can also manually copy/paste your code into a basic, static Glitch starter (glitch-hello-website), if you’d rather not deal with Github.

But using Eleventy is different, so I would first get your code on Glitch in the basic starter, and then also get an Eleventy starter and see if you can learn how to use that.

Thank you very much) I’ll try

чт, 12 авг. 2021 г. в 23:09, christina via Glitch Support <>:

Hi @Jerry_Long I’m a little confused by your post since this is a thread about something else. If this is an issue you’re having on the Glitch platform, though, you should email their support team directly. I don’t work for them, I’m just a member on this forum. I am not sure how one would go about dealing with getting hacked aside from reporting the abuse to Gmail, FB, etc. and changing all your passwords. Good luck!

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