Import with github

i tried 3 times to import with my repo and it didn’t work i get this error: Arg, something went wrong. Try again? :@

Hey @fabioboy222, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Can you provide your project name, and ideally the repo you’re trying to import so we can take a closer look?

Done it worked now i just need to wait lol

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@cori i also got the same problem, i cant import from my github repo, but when i specify the path folder, it works.

my project: natsuki-test
my repo: AmethystAnimion/Natsuki

For me, it didn’t work even after several tries… my project name is : pine-opal

Hey @Jojo_the_Joker I’m not having any trouble importing from either into an existing project or creating a new one by cloning from the repo. Are you still having the issue? Did you see any particular errors?

@lorevo can you share the repo you’re trying to import from so we can test that? Many GitHub import problems are a) temporary or b) specific to a given repo.

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Yes, it always send arg. something went wrong... if i import within existing project. But, if i create new project by cloning it from the repo or use console, it works.

Thanks for the additional info; what you’re running into is that your current project has a couple of directories that our import process can’t clean up so the Import is failing when Glitch tries to move the imported files into the right spot because those directories aren’t empty. I’d be interested in knowing how your project got into that state; I don’t see anything of that sort in the repo you’re pulling from.

In this case, if you open your project’s console and execute

rm -rf commands/*
rm -rf archived/*

then attempt your import it ought to work.

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Thanks for your help. It works now

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