Importing from github

I am encountering issues when importing from github, and I’m not sure if its just me, or an issue with Glitch, as I’ve not had these issues in the past.
First of all, if I try to create a new project from a GitHub repo, it fails, and this is shown in the logs:
Cloning, please wait... line 12: 93 Terminated sleep 1 Your app is taking a while to stop... Your app did not stop in 5 seconds, forcing exit.

Secondly, if I go to Advanced Options -> Import from GitHub, it works as expected, except that the .gitignore file from my repo is not imported.

If it helps, the repo on GitHub is this, although I can’t seem to import any of my repos.

Is this a known issue, or is it just happening to me?

Hi Alex, I’ve been able to reproduce the difficulties with clone-from-repo, at least on a trivial basis, and am discussing it with the rest of the team. So no, it’s not you :smiley:

I’m also exploring the .gitignore file observation.

I’ll let you know what we find. Thanks for the reports!


Partially good news here - the regression around the clone-from-repo starter has been fixed - you should be able to use the new project dialog to once again clone your repos into a new project.

We’re still working on the hidden files regression but I hope to see that fixed in the near future.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Wow, you guys work fast!
Thanks, it’s now working for me :grin:

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Also to completely close the loop here, hidden files in GitHub repos (most interestingly .gitignore files) are now pulled in when you use the Import from GitHub Advanced Options menu item.

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Thank you.
I really love using Glitch for my projects, and I’m also impressed by your support on this forum!

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