Impossible Challange

There have been cases of incorrect display of CPU usage…

At over 3000 percent!

When the real CPU is high, the visual data can be wrong over a huge margin. Btw, I’m pinging @glitch_support!

Think we need an engineer here!

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The topic about incorrect visual CPU data: Discord Bot High CPU usage, visual error?


No DDOSing allowed in this challange.

no installing a miner and making 100 threads and processes on it allowed either

Sadly, no. Just use coding.

I think there is a way…lemme see…I think it was done by @Jonyk5 before…but I’m not willing to test it, because it isn’t safe.

would it be cheating if somebody found a way to modify the monitor so it shows a higher reading?

Cheater! (You can use your cheating skills of 3, if you reached more than 3, you need to delete your project that you are being cheated on!)

Lol, i’ll try

Just create a var x=“eval(x)”;eval(x); loop. It’s that easy.

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It was a completely valid solution.

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