Impossible to launch my app


When I try to launch my nodejs application, on the live page I have an error :{“status”:“Error”,“statusCode”:503,“statusDetail”:“Waiting To Serve for peach-arm: No service found running on port”}
But in the logs nothing is wrong ?

What can I do ?
My hyderspace :!/project/peach-arm

Thanks a lot.


Setting the port to 3000 seems to kick it into action: http.listen('3000',...


Thanks, that’s working !
Sorry if that was obvious this is one of my first node js app moreover deploying one haha


Great! No, it should have worked fine on 8080, but 3000 is something of a default with Node, so I usually go with that unless there’s some specific reason not to.


Using process.env.PORT is the recommended way, but a hard coded 3000 will work too :slight_smile: