Improve Glitch Community site's issue system

There are many people on the site who do not know how to make out their questions / reports. Why not make examples of how to write a bug report or present a new idea?
I mean there will be issues system like on GitHub

To implement:

  • Labels, not tags: good first issue, bug, etc.
  • Templates
  • Rules how to write a good post that everyone could read


Because there is a lot of posts like this:

Author didn’t say anything about in which project he has this issue, no formatting.

Same post, but better:


Path: /path/to/file

Describe the bug
Unable to get the file that was created by fs.writeFile()

To Reproduce

  1. Create .js file and import fs
  2. Write some data to a new file that doesn’t exist in your project
  3. File doesn’t show up

Expected behavior
File should be seen after it was created


  • ls
  • ls -a
  • jq


some screenshots if needed