In the middle of working on xen text

something odd occured, as i was working on language oriented programming ( more about it later! ) i found this:

const fs = require("fs");
let ch;
let ci = 4
let co = 0
for (let __; ch !== ci; co) {
  ci --
  co ++
  for (let _; !ci < !co; _){
    ci ++
    co --
  fs.appendFile("_", ci + co, (e) => {})

it was supposed to save every log to a randomly made output file, of the error xen text threw ( nodejs)

so, yea, this thing crashes anything almost instantly

oh, it does Not mess up other projects, only the one you use it on

is this intentionally obstufacated?

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yes, yes it is ( ignore)

i would give the original code, but this is not open source XD, the code i turned into this, so yea, until i figure out how to make 2 random numbers with 0 and 4, no one gets to see the actual code

Your app crashes because of an infinite for loop - the ch variable always is not equal to ci

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what actual code…?

You’ll see :wink:

i did not add it to xen text just yet

yes, the javascript is failing miserably, i was hoping to use it as a bridge but that seems to be the worst path to go…

ok, i can see that ( this is not dms btw )

Meanwhile, can I post the guide that @17lwinn sent me, so that other users can use it?

yes, and yet again, not in pms…

Yep @khalby786, you can repost the guide

This is public ik

Okay, so here’s a starter on guide on how to use XenText for everybody:

hang on, oh my gosh my WiFi has gone now. Okay I’m back:

XenText is a language that uses python as a lexer and interpreter- in other words, xentext scripts run off code in a certain file.

This guide will show you how to make a ‘hello world’ app in Xentext

  1. Go Here and remix the source code
  2. Make a file called test.xt , skip this if it already exists

Xentext scripts have schemas like print, each one begins with !. Eg. !PRINT

  1. Type in the following:

!PRINT “hello world!”

unlike python, you can use either the one above with or without caps.

  1. Go to the terminal and type:

python3 test.xt

You should get:

“hello world!”

You can find the official docs at , contact @17lwinn or @J-Tech-Foundation for help

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Dont forget our reddit page!