Increase disk space


194MB is too small storage for a database-based application, 250-500MB would be fair enough for a free project

Increasing Glitch Disk Size

Hi @razefeixx, welcome to the Glitch forums and thanks for the suggestion! We do plan on offering paid project enhancements at some point in the future, as you may know, but have no specific timeline for that offering.

This is somewhat simplified, but to give you an idea on the scale of the difference between what we currently offer and 500Mb per project, there have been nearly 1.5 million projects created. At an additional 300Mb per project that would be an additional 450 Terabytes storage for free projects, which is simply unsustainable especially at the rate of growth that we anticipate.

We plan on being around for a long time to come, but to accomplish that we have to shepherd our resources appropriately, and 500Mb per free project would not be responsible in that light.

All of which said, we definitely want to help foster a wide variety of use cases, so if you can let us know a little more about specifically what you’re trying to do that requires that much project space we can try to factor that into our planning and may even be able to offer some strategies to help you achieve your goals now.


Can you increase Glitch App’s Disk Size?


As we’ve noted before (here, for instance), we expect to offer paid plans that may include increased disk space. We’ll be sure to announce it here when those are ready.


And in fact, since this is pretty much the same request, I’ve moved it over there.