Infinite loading loop at 6th form

I’ve recently tried going on glitch at 6th form (on the computers) and it went on an infinite loading project loading loop. Here are the javascript logs
It could be useful if you could try to figure out what’s going on. Thanks

Hey @SpeedyCraftah I’m not sure what you mean by 6th form, but those log messages look like network errors to me. It’s possible the network you’re on there is blocking some requests to Glitch or 3rd party services. Do you see the same behavior on the same project from another network (like cellular data on a mobile device, if you have one handy)?

6th form is the equivalent to 12th grade in US

It seems to work completely fine when I connect to the WiFi and do it from my phone, just not on the computers.

That’s what I expected; that means you’ll probably need to talk to whoever runs your school’s computer network and ask them to allow and traffic.

IPv6 (Internet Prevented Via 6th form) or DNS (Dubious Nature School) could be an issue, they’d have similar effects.

Yeah just got notified that my school has a web filter