Infinite Loading Project

Hello ! I recently have a problem, my project is loading infinitely and there is my whole code, so how can i fix that problem ? because i can’t lose all my data ^^

Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you try visit your console via and after it loads, execute refresh

there is routing error when i try

Could I get a screenshot of the error and domain you’re trying? Remember the domain name is case sensitive

try visiting!/remix/project-name and see if that opens the remix

Hi edwarddd,

I was successfully able to remix that project. Are you still unable to do so? Was it a particular remix that seemed stuck?

It’s not an issue I’m having. @Soratha should put their project name instead of project-name to see if it’s an issue with opening the project or if it may be something with it’s contents.

Yes, I must remember to scroll.

@Soratha, are you still having trouble? Some projects were loading very slowly for a while but we think things should have recovered now.

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yep it’s working fine now thanks