Infinite loading screen

Exactly what the title says, i try to log into the project and there’s an infinite loading screen.
I’m happy to send the project name to any mod in dms

Does this happen when you go to the live app url or is it when you open the editor?

If your project loads infinitely even while trying to reload it there may be an error, like that caused by the overflow of the disc. How often is your project requested? this can be the case with Discords bots

I’m almost starting to wonder if this is a Glitch issue because another person had a problem with this.

It can be caused by Glitch but I don’t think so, but also by some projects which exceeds certain set quotas

it’s a discord bot, its only requested when i open the editor myself

So I’m afraid that your bot is out of date or something like that, the Glitch staff must add space to you to be able to execute some command that will help your project

Or that it is also a concern on the part of Glitch so we will have to wait for a response from the staff members

i barely have anything on that bot, max 10 files of no more than 300 Lines each

@depressed_chip, I’ll notify @support_staff!