Infinite Loading while using Glitch for discord bot


It was working at first, but now it is not.
The project can’t stop loading and it seems to be infinite.
The bot is succesfully connected to the Discord but 15 minutes later it stops…
My project is “french-bbx”, I need the page to load to use the host to ping it with Uptime Robot.
Can you help me?


You have code to listen on a port in Express.js but you don’t require that in your bot.js file so it never gets loaded and thus you get the infinite loading.


Thanks! I removed the port code but it is always infinite loading :confused:


I didn’t say to remove it, it needs to be there and you have to require it in bot.js for it to be used. Take a look at the first line in index.js in!/cloudy-william and do the same in bot.js in your project.


Done! But always infinite loading, that is weird …


It’s likely your watch.json settings are preventing your changes from being applied. Try running ‘refresh’ in the console to force your server to restart and pick up the changes.


Thank you so much! It is working!