Inspect output files?


I’ve got a simple project set up that uses webpack to do some transformations on the source files.

For example, webpack transforms my source JS files into a single bundled file, as expected. I can confirm this by inspecting the live page via (Chrome) DevTools.

It’d be nice if I could inspect the webpack output from the Glitch UI, but it doesn’t seem possible? When I ls the expected output location from the Glitch Console, the files don’t exist.

P.S. great product, really enjoying it so far. I write the Chrome DevTools/Lighthouse/Workbox docs and am definitely looking into incorporating Glitch into my stuff.


The files should be there, but you can also run ‘refresh’ from the console to sync any generated files with the editor. Glitch project files are in the ‘app’ directory so make sure you’re looking for your files relative to that.

If you’re still having problems, let us know the project name and we can take a look.


Seeing the automatically-updated generated files (after doing some action to trigger a deploy) in the Glitch UI is still… um… glitchy, but running refresh from the console does the trick. Thanks!

It seems like the generated files eventually get up-to-date if you give it some time. E.g. when I signed on this morning, I saw that generated files listed in the Glitch UI as expected. But they don’t appear updated immediately after a deploy completes.