InstaLink, A open source Bio link generator

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I recenltly made InstaLink after geting fustrated with linktree. (Bio link for social media) So I decided to make an open source version of it!
(Github: GitHub - Benjamin-del/instalink: InstaLink is an open source bio link generator. InstaLink uses json to create a simple biolink. Instalink Features Custom sendaway messages & Intergration with google analytics.). It is 100% Free all that I ask is that you keep the atribution! InstaLink uses json (since v2.1) to display your link.


  • No tracking (Optional google analytics plugin)
  • Plugins (Aka extras)
  • Sendaway messages (Before your guests are redirected it will show a short message)
  • Static site. Built for hosts like glitch. You can host InstaLink for free!
  • Custom plugins. Need something else? Build a “Extra”!

This simple file powers instalink:

  "user": "benmmonster",
  "user_url": "benmmonster",
  "media": "",
  "symbol": "@",
  "media_name": "Instagram",

  "msg": "You are being teleported to",

  "title1": "Link 1",
  "link1": "",

  "title2": "Link 2",
  "link2": "",

  "title3": "Link 3",
  "link3": "",

  "title4": "Link 4",
  "link4": "",

  "title5": "Link5",
  "link5": ""

Note: InstaLink only has two “Extras”

  • Extrainfo (Google Analytics intergration)
  • Extra5 (Add a 5th link - Built in)

Nice work, @BenJ! Is there a public Glitch app running this that folks can remix, I’d love to be able to share it!

Yes their is:

This is a live demo that people use:

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