Install Chrome in order to use chromedriver?

I tried to install chrome through the terminal but it says I don’t have superuser permissions, how can I install Chrome? I need it in order to use the chrome driver for selenium.

As you’ve seen, you don’t have permissions to install such software yourself for security reasons. However, if you install the dependency Puppeteer, which bundles a version of Chrome, then you might be able to specify the path to its install? I haven’t tried it, but worth a shot.

I am using Python, I dont know if it matters though… I installed Puppeteer with package.json and clicked add package and i got a syntax error? Did it install?

It’s likely to matter, yes. There’s a port of Puppetteer for Python called pyppeteer.

I know about pyppeteer but I am using selenium… Do you know if i can get chrome from it?

Hello Heknon, did you manage to run your program using selenium in python?