Install GitHub CLI

GitHub CLI has been released two days ago on 17th of September. It lets you connect to the GitHub API, create pull requests directly from the command line, check PR CI check statuses etc. You can find more about it at or on GitHub Blog. I have tried to install this but failed. If this was installed then collaborating will become very convenient.

According to the Linux Installation docs, you might need sudo permissions to install the GitHub CLI. It is unfortunate that the GitHub CLI isn’t a package that can be installed via NPM :slightly_frowning_face:.

I know; I viewed that and tried that. I also looked at the docs for building from source code and it needed sudo, too. (This would not work even if we had sudo permissions because of an error.)

Very highly appreciated.

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Lmao, all of the instructions require the sudo command. Glitch staff would have to do it themselves, and besides, its easy to do.

I don’t see why we can’t compile it ourselves although not sure if go is on the container
linux: if you don’t have root, go compile it yourself

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You cannot compile it because Glitch is using an outdated version of Go. You should read this.

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sounds weird but maybe compile on a linux system with the same arch, and move the binaries onto the glitch container

Not sure how to do that on a Windows 10 laptop.

It looks like you can get Make via chocolatey.

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Cool but will that work without Go? I don’t use it.

I can’t see why not.

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