Install Python 3 flask-socketio in project containers

It would be great if you could add flask-socketio Python 3 package in all project containers.
These are the currently installed packages:

Hey @SirFizX thanks for the suggestion! I’m moving it to the Feature Ideas category so other folks can vote on it as well.

Out of curiosity, from your perspective what’s the benefit of having this particular package installed instead of requirements.txting it?

Hello @cori. Running in a project via requirements.txt install seems to work fine however, I want to practice via the full page console as well. For example, when playing with the gevent dependency of flask-socketio from the full page console, I can’t resolve the IPs for the domains in this basic example:

You can see I get an array of Nones :).

Here is the source of the tutorial I am following:

Perhaps this has nothing to do with gevent being installed by default, but I think it might have to do with some required permissions that are absent because it was installed via requirements.txt.

So I just broadened my request to flask-socketio because I find practicing from the REPL more time efficient for me.