Install tmux on Glitch

Hello all,

If you’re a strong shell user of the console or just want to explore this awesome terminal multiplexer, wait no more. Beyond a lot of great features, tmux allows you to split the terminal into multiple panes.

I compiled tmux on a glitch instance and made an installer so you can install it right away.

Hope yall find it useful :grin:


Where did you get the art?

Text was generated with and the globe was done by JT from an ascii art gallery I found.

i tried it and it just… well quits when i go into the terminal

Thanks for letting me know, this was done a long time ago so let me try to test it out and modify if possible.


A word of warning to anyone that stumbles onto this. The installer runs and installs tmux.
The issue comes when you try and run it. Also if you happen to select the auto-install option it’ll make the terminal completely unusable if you reconnect.

Not really sure what todo at this point as my whole Glitch project is inaccessible now via terminal.

p.s. Sorry for bumping such an old thread just I’d hate for this to happen to a new user.


Very sorry to hear that. I’m going to remove the installation process until I figure out what is going on.

If someone from staff can chime in to see what’s going on?


You might wanna email for that!

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