Installing Visual Studio Codeserver on Glitch

I’m trying to install the codeserver for VS Code on Glitch. Glitch is enough for a nice live browser editor, but to enhance the experience and make it powerful, I’d love to have it installed on Glitch, too. But I’m not sure how the installation goes, if someone knows, would be really helpful.

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You have to upload the binary and call it from the terminal

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It’s so powerful Glitch would crash.

@javaarchive I believe you have a running instance of Codeserver on Glitch???

I actually tried like a week ago, but I had nothing but a chromebook and it said “no”

This seems like a job for the proof of concept expert @wh0.


Ok, turns out there is an easier way (and I’m testing it to see if it works).

  1. Install the code-server npm package from the terminal.

    npm i code-server
  2. Run code-server!

I’m doing this right now, give me a minute to see if this works.

Installing packages using Yarn
There appears to be a problem with my network connection. Retrying… :man_shrugging:


oh wow, OH WOW!

oh no oh no

(I started typing the oh no when I saw the edit)

Yay! retry installing codespaces!

Good luck!

Ok boys, I got too optimistic, looks like it needs more disk space. Might work on a boosted app though. But I’m still curious how @javaarchive managed to install it.

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And my computer would act like it’s been shot if I did it.

Glitch doesn’t like giving up, reinstalling packages :joy:

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SHOW me the logs! :rofl:

So @javaarchive had managed to run this on Glitch (, hopefully he won’t kill me for revealing it publicly). It’s password protected and I’ll leave it to @javaarchive to explain how he managed to install it and stuff.

It’s the terminal.

What if a glitch project went over the disk limit?

I have two dead instances (that don’t work) of CodeSpaces.

Probably suspend themselves.

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Yeah - Wait…

I have the hacker plan -

you get UNLIMITED disk space

lets just hope codespaces isn’t too big. And I don’t break those terms and conditions.

Okay so, it seems like the disk space is running out, for the least tries we’ve done. I also had the issue about disk space, these are the bash commands, if someone’s out of curiosity how I managed to do so:

apt-get install wget openssl-tool proot -y && hash -r && wget && bash
tar -xvf ./code-server2.1698-vsc1.41.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz
cp ./code-server2.1698-vsc1.41.1-linux-arm64/code-server /app
export PASSWORD="password"

I installed ubuntu here, dunno any other way. Also it seemed to throw some permission errors, that it cannot open the lock file.
And to clear that up: Yeah, it turns out we can’t really install codeserver on glitch (unless we have a boosted app?), it seems to take a lot of space, moreover not even feasible at this point.

I can host it on