Insufficient Permissions for All Commands

Hey guys,

My name is Lucas, and I’m having an issue with commands on my project. I’m working on a Discord bot with the discord.js API. Now, tonight I changed the permissions for /var, I believe. Unfortunately, I messed something up, foolishly, and now I can’t use any commands in the directory, even simple ones, such as ‘cd’. I want to get permissions back.

This started when I was trying to require a file in the same directory containing the directory containing the file I was requiring it in. I got some sort of permissions error, so I started doing some research, and ended up using a command I didn’t understand and messing a bunch of stuff up. I continued to this, but I never found a solution.

Here’s the error I’ve been getting:
serving at e[4mhttp://7db42462e5e5:3000e[0m, e[4mhttp://[0m, e[4mhttp://[0m

This is going on in my project, fooddev.

I don’t plan on doing anything like that again, but I was wondering if someone could help me. I don’t know how to give myself permissions for all of the files, as well as give Node permission to use the file I was trying to use.

If anyone could help me out, it would be much appreciated! :smile:


Your project is functional again, it seemed to be a problem with the /app directory. You shouldn’t need to edit the file permissions to achieve what you want, but let us know what was going wrong and we can help you out.

By the way, the ‘error’ you provided above isn’t an error - it’s just a module in your project logging its status to the console and letting you know the web server is running.

Thanks, mate! I appreciate it! Also, I didn’t know what that was. I appreciate you letting me know. Again, thanks for all the help! :smiley:

@Gareth, this was the error I was getting concerning permissions that was occuring when I was using the require() function:

errno: -13,
5:26 PM
code: 'EACCES',
5:26 PM
syscall: 'open',
5:26 PM`
path: '../config.json' }

If anyone could help me figure out why I’m receiving this, it would much appreciated. Thanks! :smiley:

Ah, it took me a little tile to track down the issue but it wasn’t a problem with the require(). It was on!/fooddev?path=events/ready.js:119:8 - the specified path to write to the config file was incorrect.

Ohhhh! See, that would make sense. Lol. Thanks so much for that! I was really confused. I appreciate it! :smiley: