Introducing Playlists, the best way to curate and share Glitch apps!

We have an exciting set of updates on Glitch that just went live:

Today, we’re introducing Playlists to Glitch — bringing all the power of organizing, sharing and discovering new apps, in a way that’s as familiar and fun as the playlists you use to manage music, videos, or anything else. (And good news: we’ve migrated all existing Collections on Glitch to be playlists, so there are already over 100,000 to explore!)

Read more about Playlists (as well as some of the other changes throughout Glitch you may notice today) in our announcement on the blog.

We’re very excited to start featuring playlists and apps, so please share whatever you create in The Gallery category - we can’t wait to see what you create and curate! :sparkles:


Love the new-look Playlists!

Thanks for featuring my Vue playlist in the email. If anyone has some cool Vue demos or starter kits, message me on here!

I also have a playlist of my finished apps/projects that I’m really proud of. It just needs a cover photo…