Introducing ytradio on glitch - A simple http radio stadion that using ytdl


A simple http radio stadion that using ytdl, FFMPEG and throttle to work.

More information, Read files.

Project URL:
See / Remix the code: Glitch :・゚✧
Github/(Origin Source): GitHub - Yonle/ytradio: A simple http radio stadion with ytdl-core


R.I.P. Project hour due to listener listening to this Demos (It’s playing Vaporwave songs) ;–;

Anyways, I hope you like it!

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Exact reason why I archive my own project, I think it accumulated like 23 hours of usage and it doesn’t even work…


Yep, some small updates but useful :OO

  • Now with openradio!
  • Error handler :^)
  • You can also node . on Terminal :^)
  • Press ENTER to skip (Only at Terminal)
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Small updates.

  • Added patch for recent openradio update version 1.1.18
  • Fixed a lot of play() call even the song is playing on background

Oh shoot. Just spotted some major bugs :^(

Gotta fix this ASAP I though it’s a bug. Iol. Pardon me.

Tip: To record audio from Server, It’s very Easy to do. Simply do this in Terminal:

curl -o record.mp3

And your recorded audio is saved on record.mp3 file.

Hello, the forum isn’t a place for continuous updates. Feel free to provide these in a discord server or external forum.


Thanks for say this @RiversideRocks !

Well, You can host ytradio on glitch, But there’s a cons:

  • You must stay on editor if you want your radio keeps alive. Otherwise it’ll idle after 14-15 Minute passed.
  • Pay attention to your project hour.

However, if you have Glitch Premium, It’s recommended to enable boost in your project to keep your radio alive.

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oh i see, simple, love it, @Yonle, thanks.


Thanks! I hope you like it :^)