Invite someone to glitch without showing secret .env variables


Is that possible ?

I have some app key (that i do not want to share) in there, and i want help from external dev. How can we manage this use case ? Cheers !


Hey @lucasverra that’s a great question, and one without a great answer right now. One thing you could do that might offer a partial solution would be to leverage the hand raise / ask for help feature to have your external dev respond to a help request and ask to help. Helpers can edit code but can’t directly see your .env file.

We’re actively thinking about better means of sharing and collaborating that might help with this sort of thing in the future, but I don’t have anything to offer that directly addresses this problem right now.


what about having a glitch app that provides secret params to another glitch (where the contributor is collaborating?) like a secret.env(to another repo).params ?


that would be tedious for a ~2w collab


Idk, but I think you can host somewhere your private ENV values and access them with your ‘password’ using get requests


that would be my idea, but i guess you need to put that GET requests when building the app on each new compilation ?

@cori does that make sens ?