IP logger in a glitch project

[project name removed by Glitch] has an IP logger in it. The owner threatened to leak my friend’s IP after he played the game. Fortunately my friend was using a VPN.

We’re sorry somebody has used Glitch to threaten your friend.
While using an IP logger on a project is not against Glitch ToS or illegal, using it threaten is against the ToS. Glitch don’t like any projects that cause harm to others.
Here is what you can do to report this project. If the project is public (e.g. the source is available on Glitch to everyone, you can check here: glitch.com/~[project name removed by Glitch]- if it says an error it is private), there will be a button that says ‘Report Abuse’. You can use this to report the project. If the project is instead private, you can directly email Glitch via support@glitch.com or create a ticket on Happyfox using the ‘Report Abuse’ category/ticket type.
Please note: Doxing can be against the law and if this escalates you can contact the Glitch legal team and if you ever feel in danger because of this you can contact your local police/council/educational institute (e.g. school/college)/etc. for help
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Actually; using an IP logger without the user consenting to it is against several privacy laws (which can differ from country to country). It has been confirmed that IP Addresses are in some cases personal information under The Data Protection Act. GDPR also mentions this that if any data provided by a client can identify a user should be treated as personal information and should be carefully processed with a privacy policy and an agreement.

EDIT A website is allowed to record you IP addresses as long as consented to, (e.g. when you register an account you agree to the ToS and Privacy Policy), recording IP addresses is useful in many cases, I as well do this on my VPS. Whenever anyone tries to SSH into my VPS and fails I record their IP and save it in a log containing the given information: IP, time & date, user they tried to access. I do this for both mine and theirs security.


Yes. Here in the UK, GDPR and DPA 1998 apply. I did a quick Google and kept on finding contradictory info about the laws in the US, which is why I kept on updating my post with different info, and Wikipedia seems to claim that it’s not a law in the US

I hate when people try to grab IP’s.

Privacy laws in the EU are quite extensive, they just don’t seem to do that much.

All that seems to come out of it is the little “accept cookies” banner.

In the UK they seem to be pretty strict about the

Once again, lots of contradictory info, but the idea I found is that it’s best to need the user to opt-in than to opt-out.


Updated to EU vs US, as there are no privacy laws in the US lol

I read on a article that says

The only time when IP grabbing is aginst the law [In the US] is:

  • Trying to DDOS you
  • Hack your computer
  • To phish you

The US has some the crappiest privacy laws.

Yep, thats pretty true.

Me reading your comment whilst laughing at China :joy:

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Well, when you think about it like that :laughing:

Viasat/Exede has some of the worst internet that it can’t even get your location straight. Live in Savannah, GA? Nope, you now live in Dallas, TX .

Surprisingly, according to Wikipedia

South Korea stands as one of few countries with criminal statute that specifically addresses doxing.

South Korea has great internet as they don’t have internet monopolies…

Cough, cough, Comcast

Metro by T-Mobile installs adware you can’t remove (MetroPlay and MetroZone).
And by default it is showing ads on your lock screen.

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You mean Metro by T-Mobile


Yeah, I’m just used to their old name.
Anyways, why did T-mobile create a new phone carrier?

Probably just bought them.

Looks like Glitch is taking action. :partying_face: @tasha just removed mentions of the project name
Thanks Glitch :slight_smile: