IPFS meet jamstack how logic

i would like to link my .ETH domain with IPFS and resolve to an .IO domain also please help

You would have to say where the domain was purchased from. Was it ENS Domains, was it Unstoppable Domains? There are many more, but I can’t list them.

Can you also explain more please? Do you want the domain to resolve to a IPFS address or a .io address?

Also Welcome!

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Oh and can you also please explain what you mean by "IPFS meet jamstack how logic"?

I want to configure my .eth site to work with my jamstack and ipfs what would that look like.

Ok, so I’m assuming you purchased it from ENS Domains,
Again, someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Your website would have to be uploaded and pinned to IPFS. This can be done by ipfs pin HASHNAME
You would also use the public resolver for simplicity


Go to app.ens.domains/name/DOMAINNAME
In the records section, set your address to ipfs://HASHNAME
(I found this image on the internet, source)

wow thank you so much for responding so swiftly. i appreciate that.
so yes i bought a .eth doman i get the content hash portion. i sent a transaction that covers that you mentioned. my problem was when i downloaded my repo from github i took the directory and sent it to IPFS. I couldn’t get a hash from the whole directory so i went to the srs directory to link the html.js file and no go. so i guess my question is what exactly should i use to get a hash that loads my site?

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You could upload and pin the directory using Pinata and get the hash from there. It’s free for 1GB.