Is autocomplete going to be a thing?

i’ve been checking the forum a while back looking for an answer for this, and i found out that some time ago you were in fact planning to make some improvements on this. So i just wanted to know what’s your current view on the situation? I think some implementation of code suggestion would be great

We may never know if this will be added =P

There already is something like this.
Ex. if you are using html and you type


The </ will autocomplete into </h1>

But a more advanced system would not be bad either.


they made a vscode plugin that lets you work on glitch projects in vscode.

hasn’t been any indication that they’re going any farther in terms of building a web-embedded IDE though.

If the code editor(I forgot the name) glitch uses has this feature or an extension it should be easy for the glitch team to add it.

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Codemirror can show hints:
then you need to load the apprioate file for showing hints
so look in and look for files with the name hint in them.

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I wish they would use Monaco as the code editor, then we could solve editor-related problems. Problem is, it is not well documented.