Is cryptocurrency mining allowed on Glitch?


I recently saw a cryptocurrency miner that works on node.js ( Can anyone use Glitch to mine cryptocurrency with the help of this miner?


i think its no problem, just keep doing what your doing


it’s a good node miner, but I am not sure this @system would be ok with you spinning off nodes for that kind of thing (stranger talking here :slight_smile:)


most likely glitch is not the medium for this kind of thing. please don’t ?!?!


dont think so but dont please it would ruin everyone elses project


In short, no, we don’t want people to use Glitch in this manner. You’ll likely have a bad time if you try to use Glitch to mine cryptocurrency. It’s probably a better use of your time and effort to mine cryptocurrency elsewhere.


@Saadmeliti ok. I only use glitch to learn node.js and host discord bots. I am not very good at crypto stuff.

@RandomFractals yeah, I think you are right.

@JaZz I am not running any such project. I was just curious to know :slight_smile:

@ischwarz thanks! I was just curious to know if this was allowed or not.