Is glitch down?


I try to update my discord bot token, but when I paste it:

and after its done reconnecting:

its still the old token.
Also I get the this error (besides invalid token):
(node:6334) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: SqliteError: disk I/O error


hi @CHY4E,

as the error says: disk I/O error, there was an error with your project disk. It probably means your disk is full. You can go to the console and run df -h . to check. In case your disk is full, you might want to clean up things. For example, try running enable-pnpm.


Yes thats the problem
any Ideas what to delete (idk why but my package.lock.json is massive:


You can remove package-lock.json. Also try running git gc and git prune. You can run du -s * | sort -n to have an overview of your larger (non hidden) directories and files.


can I delete shrinkwrap.yaml too?


shrinkwrap.yaml is needed by the install phase and will be recreated if you delete it


its really frecking big tho


sry meant big not bit