Is glitch fully open source...?


I can see how is a glitch itself – which is AMAZING.
But… does that mean that I could run glitch as a whole locally?
That is, the FULL implementation/backend is available?

I looked at the code, and it didn’t seem like there was enough there. But again…

So, I guess my question is: what’s open source, and what isn’t? If I wanted to run my own version of, would I be able to? If not, what parts are missing?

BTW, you guys ROCK.


For now, it’s the community site that is open-source, see!/community?

The back-end hasn’t been opened up, but other elements like the editor are already open-source projects created by others, like Code Mirror.

Nice work. I mean, my 2c is: please release something that works on the server as well, even if it doesn’t do everything you guys do, so that smart people can take it to other directions etc.

Thanks for running it.