Is Glitch good for AR

Hello, I want to create a several 3D in webAR and I want to know, how safe the Glitch Platform is? Is there will be a hosting for paid version too?

Glitch is pretty good for static sites, they stay online all the time for free.

What do you mean, can you explain please?

Static sites are sites who deserve static assets, such as vanilla HTML, CSS and JS.

Thank you so much! And what about webAR? Is glitch so good for it?

A lot of people have used glitch for Aframe, so ‘yep’

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And is there hosting too? Can I rename my website f.e?

Yes, Glitch is itself an hosting platform.

Yes. You can also choose a custom domain.

Projects get a domain set up as standard but you can add a domain you have. But you have to buy a domain and set it up on something like cloudflare.

And if not, it will be safe and still visible here on glitch platform right? What language support glitch? only Java+HTML?

What? You think Glitch can stop the right for everyone to don’t rename or have an custom domain for their projects?!

He support the most popular languages!