Is HTTP/2 supported by glitch?


Does the glitch platform support HTTP/2? I’m still exploring this new version, I have been trying the examples from and I’m not quite sure what I need to have my browser connect to a project using them. I have changed the port accordingly but I’m starting to suspect glitch’s reverse proxy may not like HTTP/2.

Hi @l_b, as I understand it, Glitch projects must be served over port 3000 – it’s just hardcoded into the configuration. I suspect that we won’t be able to modify our projects to allow for HTTP/2 because we can’t modify the nginx config per this post:

If you repost this in Glitch Help though, @Glitch_Response might be able to give you more details!

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Thank you, I have now changed this post’s category.

I actually meant the example code’s ports, I changed them to 3000 like you said. What configuration is required in nginx for HTTP/2 to work?

I’m not an expert in nginx by any means, but this tutorial looked good to me!