Is is possible to have a Discord Bot and a site in the same project



I’m curious is it possible to have a Discord Bot and a web page in the same project? Because I want to make a web page where you can control and add new cmds to the bot. And the problem is when I click on the Show App button the web page doesn’t load.

Thank you in advance!


Hey @BullDogBg this is absolutely possible, and even encouraged. In fact you’ll need some sort of web page available if you want to set up UptimeRobot to keep your project alive.

You mentioned elsewhere that your project was having trouble finding Express, so if we’re talking about the same project then once that gets resolved you’ll have Express available. If you look at the code at!/hello-express?path=server.js:15:0 you can see a very basic way to serve an html file from Express, and from there you can build your page to do whatever you like.