Is it possible get latest version of asset?

I have a situation:
I have an asset with name “player.png” and sometimes I uploading new version of this file.
And new version of the game work properly only with latest version player.png.
If I load asset by URL like this (without v=number) browser will load some old version of asset.

Is it possible get latest version of asset from CDN due to load latest version of asset?
Maybe available some query filter in URL on CDN? Maybe smth like this: ?v=latest?

it should be sufficient to use a unique string after v= for each load. but that’s not good for caching. if you’re able to update the game code to refer to the new asset url with updated v=xxx, that’s perhaps better. if you’re building a full stack app, maybe there’s something you can do where your app reads the .glitch-assets file to get the latest url automatically :person_shrugging:

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Is .glitch-assets available via fetch? :thinking: I thought files starting with a dot were unavailable