Is it possible to add 2 custom domains?

Hi, I want to add 2 custom domains for my project:


I’ve been using all this while and since has shutdown, I want to know if I can use both these domains via Glitch. Thanks!

I have and tied to the same project.

But will it not state www and the normal domain as the same?

You can have have 2 records for this in your DNS so technically not.

Thank you. I am gonna check this real quick!

It says hostname is already taken but since has shut down I cannot remove the hostname. Any help? sites haven’t shut down and are fully operational. Log into then visit


Contact Glitch Support to remove the host name.

I had emailed support but there was no response from them. I am going to contact glitch support now. Also @xXProGamerXx, the website shows 404 error, that’s why I said it has shutdown.
Edit: And yes, I had logged into, I know that because I’ve been using it for quit a while, maybe like 6 months