Is it possible to automatically remix an embed?

I’m working on a tutorial where I know that I’ll want the user to type into the embedded glitch iframe. Since the current embed code links to the original glitch, it means the user has to type, wait for the remix, then resume typing. Is it possible to just always give them their own copy of the glitch when the embed loads?

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No, but you could just put a remix URL in an iframe. The format of such a link is here:

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Hey Gareth, thanks for following up :slight_smile:

Using the remix url works, but it is a bit of a bummer losing the controls at the bottom that let you switch between code and app. I think only the embed has those?

Yes, that’s right so I’d still recommend the embed for that reason.

OK thanks Gareth. One last question, is there an API my server could hit to get a remixed URL ahead of time? I was thinking of proxying the request so I could ping the API, get the remixed URL, and drop that into the user’s embed iframe.

Answering my own question. It looks like you can get a remix URL by POSTing to the API.

edit: Unfortunately embedding that remixed URL doesn’t create a new instance for the user. They still have to edit it, which triggers another remix, and then saves the glitch to their account :
I guess iframing!/remix/project-name is the way to go.